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The Restaurant


A culinary history born in 1967 and that brings to the table simple and genuine dishes.

The Trattoria da Grazia was founded in 1967 when Angelina, widow of Angelo, decides to start cooking the goods that the land offered her.

Daughter of a family of anglers from Gaeta, begins to combine the flavours of Tuscan Maremma with the catch that his cousins ​​bring home from the sea of ​​Castiglione della Pescaia.

Soon, Angelina realizes that she has given way to something more than just cooking for summer friends.

Supported by the sisters and by her sons Enrico, Grazia (from which the restaurant takes its name) and Gaetano, she begins to turn that passion into a real job.

Then, when she starts manage the Trattoria alone with Gaetano, she has to share the secrets of cooking, so jealously guarded, with the young wife of her son, Laura.

Angelina will open “the secret book” to Laura, young and willing to continue the culinary tradition. Sure she left the kitchen in very good hands, Angelina will enjoy the deserved rest before retiring with her Angelo …

Even today, the kitchen of the Trattoria da Grazia offers the right mix of genuine products coming by the firm and fresh fish from the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Laura always repeats to her clients that she doesn’t have secrets: “I do nothing but join the fresh vegetables that my husband leads to me and the fish of the day, simple…”


The unique taste of cooking in a simple way


Laura offers daily dishes off the menu created exclusively

with seasonal products


cell. +39 328 1716 519


sat, sun e public holidays 12:00 - 14:30


Every evening from 19:00