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The story of a family business that is handed down since three generations.

The farm “Gaetano Mazzarello” was born after World War II when Angelo Mazzarello decides to leave his “safe” job in Genoa, to devote himself to his only passion: the land.

He moved to the fertile lands of Maremma and met his future wife, Angelina, from Gaeta. The two young people succeed with so many efforts and sacrifices to create a small agricultural farm in the middle of the Tuscan Maremma.

Soon, to the “small agricultural owner” Angelo Mazzarello (as the farmers were called in the ’50s) was honoured with the “agricultural productivity” prize directly from the Ministry of Agriculture, thanks to his innovative plantations in greenhouses, yet unknown in the countryside of Maremma.

This love is still alive today in the youngest Angelo’s son, Gaetano, who continues to dedicate time and passion to the land, passed on to him by his father.

olive grove

The olive harvest

Seven hundred Tuscan olive trees annually produce extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian that we not only serve at the restaurant but we also sell in retail.


The grape harvest

The favourable climatic conditions make our land rich in vineyards of Sangiovese and Trebbiano that produce excellent IGT wine also guaranteed by the quality of the first local winery ``The wines of Maremma`` of which our farm is a member.

vegetable garden

Fruits and vegetables

The Gaetano garden ensures each day of the season zero miles food ... fruit products, vegetables and pickles are meant to be tasted in our restaurant, while jams accompanying the breakfast for our guests.